American Idol Season 18 Runner up is Arthur Gunn

American Idol Season 18 Finale for the year 2020 is being held today and One of the Contestant From Nepal seemed to be rocking the stage and has grabbed second most votes in the season.

He has very unique style of singing where and generally sings Early and mid nineties song in his own style. People have also started calling him the “Bob Marley of 2020

His Unique style and exceptional talent has made him runner up of the American Idol Season 18. Arthur Gun the runner up of American Idol Season 18 is from Kathmandu, Nepal and has shifted to US off late to live with his Family. He stays in Kansas of USA.

Arthur Gunn Used to sing in Small events in Kathmandu but didn’t get so much recognition despite of having so much of Family support. The reality show American Idol season 18 has finally identified his talent and finally he has become very popular and his dream seems to come true.

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Arthur Gunn American Idol Season 18 winner
Arthur Gunn American Idol Season 18 winner


Arthur Gunn real Name is Dibesh Pokharel and his native city is Chitwan in Nepal. He has nick named himself as Arthur Gunn so that he can get easily recognized in US.

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