PM Narendra Modi Announces Lock down 4.0

Lock Down 4.0 has been announced by prime minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced package of Rs 20 Lakh Crore which is almost 10% of the total GDP of India.

He has focused on accelerating manufacturing sector in the country. He said we are capable of Manufacturing Quality products in volume and we should focus on self dependability and improve economy of our country.

He has appealed Nation to stay strong during this period and fight against the Pandemic. He said that disease can stay for longer period of time.We  should take precautions against it but shouldn’t stop moving forward. We should move on with our daily works but be be safe as well. We should wear Mask and using proper safety.

PM Narendra Modi Announces Lock down 4.0
PM Narendra Modi Announces Lock down 4.0

He says Small and Medium scale industries are backbone of our country which provides jobs to several million people in the country and this relief package will help to uplift such industries. We are capable of competing against any Nation in  Manufacturing and it’s the time to provide best of our service to attract consumer towards our country.

Everyone should contribute to uplift the country’s economy in this period by working safely but efficiently. He also said that Minsters will be briefing about the details regarding the package tomorrow. The package overall is focused upon the Industrial development of the country.

The state government will have full authority to plan the fundamental for Lock Down 4.0 in India and He mentioned that lock down 4.0 is about to implemented as per the common decision with states.

People now has many questions in Mind like who will get the share of 20 lakh crore and also what will be the framework of it.  He also said India has handled the situation quite well with full determination and country is in Good shape to handle any further complications.

Narendra Modi said He had once asked people to buy Khadi and they gave overwhelming response. It’s time to support our domestic production and take positives out of it.


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