American Idol 2020 Top 10 contestant list-spoiler

American Idol 2020 Top 10 contestant list-spoiler

American Idol Season 18 has recently published list of top 20 contestant and as per indication the top 20 contestant are about to perform remotely from their home which is slight unusual for them and they might not feel comfortable doing so,but due to COVID 19 outbreak this might be best for everyone.  Judges Katy Perry ,Luke Bryan,  Lionel Richie have selected the best contestant among many for top 20 and they hope that contestant won’t disappoint them

List of 20 contestant selected are as follows

S.NAmerican Idol Season 18, 2020 Top 20 Contestant List
1Aliana Jester
2Cyniah Elise
3Dewayne Crocker
4Dibesh Rokharel (Arthur Gunn)
5Dillon James
6Faith Becnel
7Francisco Martin
8Franklin Boone
9Grace Leer
10Julia Gargano
11Just Sam
12Jonny West
13Jovin Webb
14Kimmy Gabriela
15Lauren Spencer Smith
16Louie Knight
17Makayla Phillips
18Nick Merico
19Olivia Ximines
20Sophia Wackerman
      • American Idol has officially tweeted the names of the contestant as well. You check the twitter handle here


We also have tried to create list of Top 10/11 Probable contestant of American Idol 2020 Season 18

S.N.American Idol Season 18, 2020 Top 10 Contestant List (Probables)
1Dibesh Rokharel (Arthur Gunn)
2Makayla Phillips
3Just Sam
4Dillon James
5Francisco Martin
6Grace Leer
7Julia Gargano
8Jonny West
9Jovin Webb
10Louie Knight
11Sophia James
  1. Arthur Gunn
  2. Dillon James
  3. Francisco Martin
  4. Grace Leer
  5. Jonny West
  6. Jovin Webb
  7. Julia Gargano
  8. Louis Knight
  9. Makayla Phillips
  10. Just Sam
  11. Sophia James

These are list of probables and you can comment your list of probables Top 10 for American Idol Season 18. The official list of Top 10 Contestant for American Idol 2020 will be published on May 3 and all the secrets will be revealed.

You also can watch video of Top 20 Finalist here

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