Kumkum Bhagya (कुमकुम भाग्य) latest episode, details, main incidents

Kumkum Bhagya (कुमकुम भाग्य) latest episode, details, main incidents

Kumkum Bhagya (कुमकुम भाग्य) is a Hindi Serial produced by Balaji Telefilms through renowned producer Ekta Kapoor. It started on 15 of April 2014 and since than it has been lead by actress Shriti Jha and Actor Shabir Ahluwalia. 

The serial began with the story of Pragya, Bulbul and their mom Sarla whose wish was to see them get married. The story rotated around Pragya and Abhi for a bit and on March 18, 2019 took a sudden leap. After the separation of Abhi and Pragya the story took a leap of 20 years. After the leap of 20 years in the story two new character has been introduced which is being played by Mugdha Chapekar and Naina Singh. They are introduced as twin daughters Prachi and Ria who has been separated.

Kumkum Bhagya (कुमकुम भाग्य)










Kumkum Bhagya (कुमकुम भाग्य)  is basically a marriage hall which is being run by Sarla with the help of her dasughter Pragya and Bulbul. The story began with a triangle lover story in which three vertex of triangle were Pragya, Suresh, Bulbul. The engagement with suresh was called off.  Rockstar in the serial Abhi is in relationship with mode tanu. Bulbul gets hired by Purab Khanna in his advertising agency. Purab Khanna is also the music handler and best friend of Abhi. Purab Khanna falls in love with bulbul during the process.  Purab had been engaged to Abhi’s sister Aliya but he fell in love with Bulbul.

Aliya thinks Purab is involved in relationship with Pragya and asks Abhi to marry Pragya to save her relationship with Purab. After the marriage Pragya clears off the misunderstanding from her brain but remains quiet to protect Bulbul life. Post marriage Abhi gets closer to Pragya and he tries to corrects his mistake and gets Purab and Bulbul married. Tanu the ex girlfriend of Abhi produces fake DNA report to prove that child in her womb is of Abhi. Pragya realizes the truth but dies during an accident before revealing the truth to Abhi.


After 20 days

Pragya out of Miracle returns back and takes Abhi’s properties in her name. Bulbul dies while saving Pragya from Alia. Pragya finaly reveals the truth of Tanu to everyone and tries to get soft corner in Aliya’s heart for her. During all this Abhishek  meets an accident after which he losses his memory and forgets almos 2 and 1/2 years of his past life which included pragya as well. She has to leave Abhi for his own well being.

Kumkum Bhagya (कुमकुम भाग्य)

After 2 months

Once again the Abhi and Pragya passes by each other but Abhi doesn’t remember her at all. The began friendship again. Abhi is about to get married to Pragya and suddenly he regains his memory. Pragya gets shot by goons and falls in a dam. Pragya look alike munni as thought by abhi gets back to her consciousness and tells that she is Pragya. Purab whose wife bulbul had dies decided to get on with Disha.

Simonika a negative character in the story starts working with Abhi as she has plans to kill Abhi as she thinks he had killed her Husban. Tanu convinced Simonika to kill Pragya but Simonika accidently kills Dadi and everyone blames Pragya for killing Dadi. Even Abhi thinks Pragya as culprit and asks her to leave the house. Mentally broken Pragya attempts suicide.

Kumkum Bhagya (कुमकुम भाग्य)


After 7 years

Abhi and Pragya lives separately, Abhi lives with Tanu and Pragya lives in UK with a rapper named King Singh. Abhi and Pragya still has the grudge between them for Dadi’s death. Abhi and Pragya thinks each other as culprit for Dad’s death. The pragya has a daughter from Abhi known as Kiara. Pragya , Kiara and King Singh flies back to India for a Album with Abhi.

In Delhi Kiara and Abhi meets each other at Mehra’s house and shares a good relation between each other. Abhi later comes to know that Kiara is his daughter and realizes his mistake after which he decides to remarry Pragya to correct his mistake. Tanu on the other hand thinks of revenge with Pragya and tries to kill her with her unborn babies. Tanu gets kicked out of the house by Abhi and ALiya. Tanu being full angry she calls for a help and asks her ex friend Nikhil to murder Pragya.Nikhil abducts Kiara and plans to kill her for the revenge. Pragya and Abhi holds each other responsible their daughter’s death.


After 20 years

Pragya had given birth to twins and Abhi and Pragya had been living separately since than with once each of their daugher. Pragya live with Prachi whereas Abhi lives with Rhea. Pragya lives in the city called and Hoshiarpur and teaches college students as a lecturer. Prachi has a friend called Shahana who calls pragya as her massi. Abhi separately lives in Delhi and runs his company. Purab has been married to Aliya but doesn’t seem to have peaceful married life. Purab has son whose name is Aaryan. Purab’s friend Kohli has spoilt brat named Ranbir. Rabir and Rhea studies at same college. Coincidentally Prachhi gets scholarship to study at Delhi but her mother doesn’t want her to go to delhi, her past haunts her to do so. Shahana accompanies Prachi to Delhi to study with her.

Prachi and Rhea coincidentally gets admission in the same admission in the same college. Prachi and Rhea don’t know each other. Abhi meets Prachi when Prachi’s luggage gets stole, Prachi and Abhi becomes good friend in the process. Rhea tries to rag Prachi and gets slapped by her in front of entire college. Prachi doesn’t like the other character Ranbir due to his rag behaviour. Prachi and Sahahana to earn their livinf stsrts to work in the event management company where they get a first project from ABhi’s House.

Rhea has the motive of revenge for Prachi and when she saw in her house she blames her of theft and gets her arrested. Pragya hustles to Delhi for her Daughter. Abhi interrogates  teh CCTV footage and finds that his daughee Rhea is guily and gets Prachi released from the jail. Abhi lays his hand on Rhea for the first time for her behavior.  Rhea starts feeling insecure with Prachi and feels that she is taking her dad away from her.

Pragya plans to run over Rhea in an road accident but mistakenly Pragya gets involved into it. Prachi files a complain against Rhea but Pragya asks Prachi to release her. Rhea than builds up a soft corner for Pragya in her heart. Rhea attempts to hurt Prachi several times but fails everytime miserably. Pragya doesn’t believe that Rhea is a spoilt child despite of Pragya tries to convince it to her several times. Pragya and bhi strengthen their bonding in  between. During all this Abhi gets injured and Pragya donates her daughter blood to him to save his life. She immediately leaves the place as she is afraid that he would take away her daughter from her. Pragya gets confused as everyone calls ABhi as Mr Mehra. Even Abhi gets confused as Pragya is represented as Anuradha and thinks that Prachi is daughter of Auradha. In between Rhea think Ranbir is in love with Prachi but comes to know that he loves her only. Rhea keeps a term in front of Rabir that he should hurt Prachi by making her fall in love with him and than by leaving her after it. Rabir blind in love of Rhea accepts do it.

Shahana falls in love with Aaryan. Purab stills love and Disha and media outburst the issue into the public. Aliya in order protect her name attempts suicide but is saved by the Purab. Doctor suggests Purab to keep Aliya happy as she is suffering mental depression due to which she can commit anything at any  moment. Purab crashes in to Disha’s Car and fills hospital form where he writes himself as husband. The incident makes Aliya more insecure. Disha tries to convince Aliya but she is not ready to listen. Saritabehn wants Abhi and Pragya to marry once again and arranged them a meeting at Ganesh Chaturthi but before it on the way Pragya gets robbed. Saritabehn grandson Rishi has a obsessive ex girlfriend know a as Priyanka who thinks shahana as Rishi’s new girlfriend. In order to  get revenge from Rishi, Priayanka makes Abhi Slap Rishi charging him of molestation. Abhi and Pragya meet each other once again police station and story continues…

Kumkum Bhagya (कुमकुम भाग्य) latest episode, details, main incidents 


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