वडा दशैं २०७६ टिका साइत ( Dashain Tika Sait 2076)

वडा दशैं २०७६ टिका साइत ( Dashain Tika Sait 2076)

Main Nepalese Festival Dashain has arrived and people are searching for the right time to put tika so, that blessings can be conveyed to their youngster in most divine form. Astrologer and priests have found out the best time for tika on the auspicious occasion of Dashain 2076. The best time for the tika is 10:35 AM in the morning of October 8 and will continue till Purnima.

वडा दशैं २०७६ टिका साइत ( Dashain Tika Sait 2076)


Most of the people fly down to their natives for celebration of Dashain and it also main time for the get together with friends and family. People have long holiday of almost a week during dashain. Dashain is the chief Hindu festival in Nepal but it is celebrated by almost religion which shows the harmony between diversity of Nepal.

During dashain most of the vehicles don’t operate including public transportation which reduces the pollution specially in cities like Kathmandu. People rejoice eating various kinds of
food which mainly includes various items prepared from mutton. Some people protest against the mass butchering of animals during dashain and the people of Nepal has divided opinion regarding it. People also buy new clothes to celebrate the occasion. The main problem doing all these is people might spend beyond their capabilities causing them mental pressure and tension.

People abroad miss their home and but they do connect their relatives back home using various digital mediums. Most people worship lord Durga during Dashain and offer prayers to her. Dashain indicates the festival of strength and victory of truth over untruth.
Nepal has first stable government in this year of 2076 making it more special. People are expecting this Dashain to be more special and peaceful than ever. One of the special moment of Dashain is flying of kites in  the sky.

The weather is clear and considered as transitional period between summer and winter.

Happy Bijaya Dashain !!!! वडा दशैं २०७६ टिका साइत ( Dashain Tika Sait 2076)

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