Where is Nepal (Napal) ?

Where is Nepal (Napal) ? and all about Nepal


Nepal ( Pronounced as Napal by most of the foreigner) also known as Federal Democratic of Nepal as per the latest constitution of Nepal (Napal). Nepal(Napal) is a land locked country situation in Asia and It’s also known as land of Himalayas . It has approximate population of 3 crored 53 laks and has total area of 147181 sq km. It shares it’s border with India in most of the parts and by China in some parts. It’s a small country with diverse geography  ranging from highest peak to plain land. It has world’s 8 out of 10 tallest mountain in the world. Nepal (Napal)  has world’s tallest mountain Mount Everest whose height is 8848 m. The country’s capital is Kathmandu and Officially used language is Nepali and English.

Where is Nepal ( Napal)?

“Nepal” is said to be mentioned since the formation of Hindu religion and Hindu religion is followed by majority of people in Nepal. The Buddhism was started by Gautam Buddha who is born in Nepal (Napal). He is born at Lumbini in western part of Nepal. People of Northern part of Nepal mostly inclined towards the culture of Tibet.  The Newari culture is predominant in central part of Nepal and is also known as Indo-Aryan.

The trading has been the main part for the valley traders. The urban part has been distinctly involved in Traditional art and architecture.  Prithvi Narayan shah achieved unification of Nepal and Shah dynasty formed the country Nepal. The country was never colonized but serve as the buffer between Imperial China and British rules India.  Country ended the world’s last hindu monarchy in 2008.

Nepal(Napal)  formulated it’s first  constitution in 2015 after achieving federal democracy.

Nepal has been a significant contributor to United Nations Peace Keeping Mission and it’s operations. Nepal has got fifth largest military in South Asia. It has been part of UN since 1955 and has signed friendship treaties with China and India in 1950 and 1960 respectively.




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