IOTA Introduction

IOTA is a result of gradual development of data transfer and transaction settlement. It’s based upon new system which has covered up the lagging of the present Blockchain and has come with decentralized peer to peer system.

There are many crypto currencies and assets present in current market like Bitcoin, Lite coin and IOTA is one of them.

This post should help those who are completely new to IOTA to get an introduction to how it is different than other crypto assets like bitcoin. This piece of writing will help you understand differences between other crypto assets and IOTA. IOTA does not use conventional mechanism of block chain structure. It uses a different public ledger with a popular term ” The tangle”

IOTA helps to make micro payment transactions more securely and safely. The efficiency of the system is directly proportional to number of participants which means efficiency increases with the increase in number participants. The IOTA team believes it can cut down transaction cost, device cost and can connect numerous devices at a time.

  • Today the Market Cap of the coin was $652,968,019
  • IOTA¬† is trading at $0.235312 today
  • Today’s trading volume is $5,529,580
  • 1 BTC = 40211.06 MIOTA
  • IOTA ROI is 1800%

IOTA Price and Analysis 2019



As per the price graph of IOTA and its trends since July the prices seems to be constant and is trading in between $0.27 to $0.23 which seems to be a consistent pattern. Yesterday on 28 th August the maximum price for the trade reached $0.26 which seems to be falling since yesterday. Today on 29 th August the price is $0.23 if the trend continues it seems to decrease to $0.20 which shall be the base point of this decreasing trend.