Satta in King 2018 2019 2020 Online Results

Satta in King 2018 2019 Online Results

Satta in King 2018 2019 Online Results

Matka or Satta is

  • Gambling Game which was played on the basis of opening and closing rates of Cotton in New york stock exchange
  • Later it was modified and played with the help of cheats placed in earthen pot know as “Matka
  • Slowly the game evolved and people started betting on games like cricket specially in India

Satta is famous gambling or lottery game in India and world. Currently it is banned in India and government has imposed restriction on it. Before Independence it was called game of numbers or Ankada juggad. You can view it’s 2018 2019 results in several websites.

Intially Satta in King, Matka was based upon opening an closing rates of cotton exchange in New York and Bombay cotton exchange.

In 1960s game was modified a bit and was substituted by other methods of generating random number, card games, and mixing of numbers in pot called matka. From the time it was known as matka game.

Person or Individual who wins in Matka game is known as Matka King. One of them famous Matka king from Gujrat is Kalyanji Bhagat.

Satta in King 2018 2019 Online Results

When NYC  cotton Exchange stopped transmission of exchange rates the players started seeking new ways to keep the game alive. Rattan khatri one of the individual started a new method where  several number were written on a piece of paper and folded in uniform pattern and was kept in a earthern pot known as Matka. One individual use to draw out folded paper from the matka one at a time and basically 3 random numbers were chosen in a draw to declare the opening and closing rates of imaginary product.


One more individual names Kalyanjii bhagat who was Gujrat based started Worli Matka. rattan Khatri modifies it a bit Introduces it in 1964. The difference between 2 was one ran through out the week and other ran only 5 days in a week.

When textile mills business was doing well many employee started playing the game which made it very Famous in Mumbai as a result many people started getting into the business. Most of the Bookie were located in Central Mumbai and Mumbai became the prime location for the Matka Buissness.

The time between Eighties to Nineties became the peak point for the Matka Buissness and every months trasaction volume reached up to 500 crores. Since the business was at it’s peak it came into the eye of several person including Mumbai police.

The Mumbai police forces Bookies to leave the city and move outskirt. People of mumbai than started finding new methods of betting such as lotto, gambling online and also the cricket matches betting.

In cricket match they could bet every ball and a bookie used to declare rate on the basis of probability before the ball is bowled. You can predict whether a Bowler will take wicket, Batsman will hit six or four, team total, method of dismissal etc .

Since most of the bookies were forced to leave the city Matka Business in Mumbai slides from 500 Crores monthly to 100 crores. Slowly it was declining and people started loosing interest.

Satta in King 2018 2019 Online Results can be viewed in different websites 

Kalyanji Bhagat

kalayanji Bhagat was a Gujrat based farmer who migrated to Bombay in 1941 to sell spices initially. he opened a grocery shop in worli where he learnt matka buissness and started taking bets for closing and opening rates for cotton traded in New York stock exchange. He than made a huge sum of money playing the game. SLowly he became famous as matka king.


Suresh Bhagat

On June 2008 Suresh Bhagat was killed in a truck accident which later was confirmed to be murder. His own son and Mother planned for this murder.


Rattan Khatri

Ratan Khatri the Ultimate Matka King who was in the game right from it’s early days and had a huge network all over the country even across the territory. He has network of several lakhs of people and transaction of several crores every day.

He was jailed for almost 19 months and now he has retired form betting or Matka but sometimes he is betting on favorite horse in Mahalaxmi Race course.

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Satta number or matka number is the number which is withdrawn from the earthen pot during the draw. The sequence of number decides the winning results. SATTA number is the most important aspect of the game and all of the people predict or tries to guess the number based upon their instinct or calculations.

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