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Ingham County lies is the USA in a state called Michigan. The population of of county is 280895 as per the Census of 2010. It’s only the county which has the state capital of Michigan which is known as Lansing. It also has the Michigan state University , Lansing College, and it also has it’s baseball team which is know as Lansing Lugnus. Ingham  lies in the mid part of Michigan.

Ingham County

Ingham  Records

You can find Ingham  records directly visiting their site

In order to search Ingham  Records you need enter the following information in correct order

  • You can only search 1 court at a time.
  • You need to type minimum 3 letters of your initial name
  • You need to type your last name or business name for example xyz private Limited etc.
  • You need to type your date of birth for criminal case
  • Type party type
  • You can find case number clicking here   Click here

Ingham county jail

The County has almost 155 officers and civilian working in different division.

  • Staff Services
  • Field Services
  • Corrections

You can find more about the jail directly visiting their site and County Government directly maintains the jail. Ingham jail is the fifth largest and can inhouse 601 inmates at a time.

Ingham  Jobs

Ingham County has lots of job opportunities  as well as business opportunities. You can find jobs in Ingham County visiting their Site.

Ingham County Property Search

You can search any property in the county using city codes or you can also visit the website

to know in details about the property.

Ingham County Sheriff

The   County’s Sherrif office is part of Association MSA. It was formed in 1877 and it’s the oldest law enforcement organization in the state. It has been almost 130 years since MSA have been providing services to Office of Sherriff.

Ingham County Animal Shelter

If you want have a pet or look after the animal or you want contribute through donation, you can use us as our mediator. We have many animals which is available so, that you can adopt it and take home, you also can look after it as an volunteer, you also can donate as per your capability. You also can find information regarding pets at out centers and also file a report for the lost pet. We have our cop services who work to save lives of animals. You are welcome to visit Ingham County Animal Shelter anytime you wish.

A small video about Ingham

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