Shocking Pictures of Russian Ammunition Dump Explosion

Shocking Pictures of Russian Ammunition Dump Explosion

  • There was a explosion of Ammunition Dump in Siberia on Monday.
  • The place where explosion took place contained gun powder
  • 8 People were injured and security forces started the evacuation process around the periphery

Russian Ammunition dump explosion injured several people as per the report of local officials.

Russian Ammunition depot explosion
The explosion injured several people, according to Russian media.

The explosion took place in military town called Achinsk which is also known as military town in Krasniyarsk region. The local official and emergency services team are carrying out the evacuation process. As per reports

There were total of 2 sites which were on fire and depot had around 40000 artillery shell. The Russian defense representative confirmed the fact regarding it.

Initially we had reports of four people being injured but later there was the news of 8 people having severe injuries with burns and inflammations as per the Russian media report.

Local settlement and the residents are being evacuated  to avoid further casualty or hazard. The safety and security of civilians lies on the top priority ,” the main directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry for the Krasnoyarsk region said.

Russian Ammunition Depot explosion
Russian Ammunition Depot explosion
Shocking Pictures of Russian Ammunition Dump Explosion

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