Lansing Michigan Election News

Lansing Michigan Election News

LANSING Michigan Election News – Lansing, Jackson, and Meridian  locals will be voting on several community related issues 6 Aug, 7 o clock in the morning .

Lansing Michigan Election News
Lansing Michigan Election News

Carol Wood, Patricia Spitzley, Yanice Jackson, Terry Eagle and M. Rodocker are running as Candidate in the process. Total of five candidate are taking part in the election running for the Lancing city Council Large.

Ward 1 Lansing City Council has total of 4 candidate running against each other.

Now it depends upon the Meridian Township resident to decide whether they want to pay more or not to fix local roads.

The issue would include the increment of resident taxes by 250$ each year up to 10 years.

Other issues include fixing of 147 miles of road in Meridian Township which would require around 35$ million of budget to be spent over next 10 years  as been stated by Township Manager, Frank Walsh.

“The voters in Meridian Township will decide whether they want to spend $35 million over the next ten years to fix 147 miles of roads in Meridian Township, all local roads,” says Township Manager, Frank Walsh.

It will also decide upon renewing  Redi-Ride millage as the previous millage was approved in 1999 and it was reduced by officials in 2017 and its being again requested to renew at reduced rate.

Napoleon Township is also trying for a  police and fire millage in which 1 would go to police deparment and 1.25 would go to fire department which would combined be $500000 to the both departments in first year.

Three candidate are running in to battle it out in Jackson.

Jeromy Alexander, Resident, Cindy Eby, and current Mayor Derek Dobies are candidates for council member.

Dobies says ” He has done good work in observing people issues and has solved few of the issues as well on community basis.

The clerk should return ballot papers for the absentee by 20:20 hrs

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